Berry is doing very well.

He is growing a lot .

Pictures are made 11-10-2021 ( he is almost 5 months old ) 

Another great stallion we will use in 2022.

Smooth movin cookie is booked to Vs good ride .

We hit JACKPOT on the dqha stallion service auction !

We were able to purchase 2 breedings for the 2022 breeding season.




LOVE OR LEAVE ( registration pending ) 

Berry his papers are send to the AQHA for registration.

We also send in the 5 paneltest ( we know he is negative on all) a test for OLWS, a colour 5 panel and a sabino test .Im very curious for the results 


Congratulations to Judith Renker and Stefan Buerding on their purchase in utero.

The 2022 foal out Aint sister hot x Vs code blue will move to Switzerland .

 Sheza hothot loper & A heart to rock on the 2021 Süd futurity
Sheza hothot loper & A heart to rock on the 2021 Süd futurity

Janine ( owner to Sheza hot hot loper ) and Lisa ( owner to A Heart to rock ) met the first time on the Süd futurity . 

They did this amazing picture for me. 

Both mares are 2 year old 

Sheza hot hot loper and her owner Janine were on the Süd futurity ( Germany)

She had an amazing result !!!

Amateur halter 3 x first place .

Open + futurity halter 3 x second place / silver.

Lotti is a 2 year old mare by VS CODE RED out  MARLANAS HOT LOPER .


A little picture update from Berry. 

Berry is our only foal this year but he is something special ! 

Berry is by Vs code blue x Aint sister hot .

We expect a full sibling May 2022.


We know the gender of the first 2 foals for 2022.

Next week we also know the gender of the other 2 foals 

On august 16 we will drive to the vet with Aint sister hot to check the gender of the 2022 foal.



On monday August 9 we will check the gender for  the 2022 foals out  Impulse can doo and Marlanas hot loper . 


Today we have put Skye to rest .

We could not win the battle .

Skye had developmental orthodie disease .

My princess will always be in our hearts .

Saterday we will  pick up Explicit sue anne.

After 17 years she will be back home.

Due to privat circumstances her owner was not able to keep her the way she would like.

Lilo will have a full check and if she is oke we will try to breed her for a 2022 foal.

The picture is made as a yearling on her first show .


A little update on Berry .

Today he was on the grass with his mum for a few hours.

He was getting used to the surroundings and he was testing his legs.

It is so crazy to see how he has changed in a few days.

His body and his movement are just stunning.

The pictures are made today .


foto`s Berry made 20-05-2021

Born May 17 , 2021.


Vs code blue x Aint sister hot.

Berry is a super fancy and correct colt.

Mum and son are doing very well. 

The picture is made may 17 .

We are so happy !Today we checked Smooth movin cookie and she is in foal to Makin me willy wild.

We will expect her foal March 2022 . 

Impulse can doo and Marlanas hot loper are also in foal and we expect their foals in Februari 2022.

Impulse can doo x One hot krymsun.

Marlanas hot loper x Chocolate after dark .


Aint sister hot is Due this month for her Vs code blue foal .

Fingers crossed that everything will go well .

We will breed Sis also but i still need to figure out to which stallion.


Willow is having a good life in Austria  with Christina.

We get regular updates .

Im very happy Willow and Christina are doing so well together 

 ( februari 19 ,2021) 

Jayjay  got a treatment by the dentist.

Jayjay loaded like a pro into the trailer.

His behavior was just super ! very calm. 

The treament was needed so we were happy we went to the dentist.

After comming back at the barn we also given him a hooftrim.

The weather will be great this weekend so i hope i can make a nice video from him moving .

Winter has come to the Netherlands .

After a 2 day snowstorm the horses were able to outside again.

Happy horses in the snow . ( a joy to see)

I have lots of extra work due to the low temperature and the loads of snow but as long as the horses are happy im happy.

We have a Bemerhorse blanket and started treatment.

I could see the horses relax the moment they got the blanket on their back.

The horses also started to move better .

I cannot wait to see what more the Bemer will bring to our horses .


Willow and River arrived safe at their new homes . 

Willow has lots of snow in Austria and River has lots of snow in Germany .

Im very happy with the transport compagny they used  , very friendly and professional people.   



This morning Gonna make you sweat and Sheza hot rock left to their new homes in Germany and Austria.

Both girl were standing on the truck very quick with a litte push at the hind .

I hope both girls have a safe trip and be happy at their new homes 


A heart to Rock ( ROXI) 

On the picture Carolin Lenz  in the open halter .

2019 filly by The Rock x Aint sister hot on her first show VWB e.V. - Indian Summer Show in Kreuth ..

Roxi is shown in halter and showmanship at halter and she did amazing !!

Open 1/2/4/4 Mares 2 and under .
Amateur class 1/2/2/2 Mares 2 and under .
In the showmanship at halter Lisa did not get a placement but they had a great pattern .
Keep up the good work .

Luisa and Texas ( Heza naughty cowboy ) 4 year old gelding by Original cowboy x Impulse can doo had their first show .

Luisa & Texas won the junior western pleasure and they  did  the Jungpferde Basisprüfung 4-jährig... .

They were 6th out of 25 starts !!

Good job .


Janine and Lotti ( Sheza hot hot loper ) has their first show in Kreuth today.

It was a very tuff class and Lotti was the only yearling all other horses were 2 year old.

Janine did a very good set up and Lotti was very relaxt.

You rocked girls !!

I felt very proud watching them on livestream .

Gigi , Willow and Skye are all together on the grass place and finding out more from each other .

So far everything looks good and it is a joy to see them . 


Noemi  had a photoshoot with her big buddy Viper .

She shared some amazing pictures with us .

Viper is by Vs code red x Impulse can doo .

A heart to rock .

2019 filly by THE ROCK x AINT SISTER HOT .

Time flies .

Roxy is doing very well and looks stunning .

We are so happy Lisa -Marie loves her big girl .

19-05-2020 / Skye en River today.


Welcome Skye 

Chestnut filly 

Born: May 9 , 2020

Sire : Vs code red 

Dam : Impulse can doo

Skye is a very fancy filly with huge long legs 

Welcome River. 

Sorrel filly 

Born : May 8 ,2020

Sire : N somnia 

Dam : Aint sister hot 

Mum and daughter are doing good .

River is a very strong and big filly .

We are very happy with this little princess. 

Some quick pics from Gigi and Willow .

Both girls are doing very well and they have already learned very much.


All pictures on the sales page are updated .

Pictures are made March 21 , 2020 

Willow and her mum One hot celebrity .

Willow loves to lope !! 

Willow is very correct , she loves people and is the only THE ROCK offspring in Europe this year .

If you are looking for something special then come and meet Willow 

Welcome Willow .

Red roan filly .

Willow was born March 2 ,  2020 

Sire : The Rock

Dam : One hot celebrity 

This beauty is one of the last offspring of The Rock.

We are super excited about Gigi .  (23-02-2020)

This roan girl is  very venturous  and smart .

She has been outside on the grass for 3 times now and she is a very fast learner .

Gigi loves to lope and is very curious with new things .


A litte update on Gigi .

Gigi is 5 days old now and she is getting ready to explore the world a bit more.

She has this very sweet personality and is a smart little lady .

Missme is beeing the best mum ever she protects Gigi like a lion but is still fair and firm with her little girl.

It is truly a joy to see them together .

I will do another update next week with new pictures .


Welcome GIGI .

Born in a storm under the full moon .

Februari 10 , 2020 .

Red roan filly .

Vs code red x Marlanas hot loper .

Mum and daughter are doing well 

Noemi and Viper have become best buddy`s .

He loves all the cuddles from Noemi and also his new friends are amazing .

Viper is finding out the mountains  and building up his muscles . 

I get regulare updates and Both Noemi and Viper look very happy .


Yesterday we had a great visit from Austria.

Noemi and Viper had a match for sure ,

My big friend will move to his new home soon and i will miss him but i know he will have the best life at Noemi in Austria . 

Congratulations Noemi on the purchase of MY RED TEMPTATION .


Welcome Duncan .

Duncan is a Welsh section A. 

This little colt is our new buddy for Jayjay .

We went to Aachen ( Q19 ) with My red temptation.

It was a great show !

Results overall 4th place in amateur , open and futurity halter .





We had an amazing visit from Lisa-Marie and her mum .

Lisa- Marie was in love the moment she saw Roxanne .

After the good news Roxanne passed her vet check including bloodwork and x-rays the deal was fixed .

Lis -Marie is the proud owner of HEART TO ROCK .




Yesterday and today Bernd and Janine have taken the time to visit Jaylynn.

It was a great visit and it was amazing to see them so happy with their girl.

Jaylynn is by Vs code red x Marlanas hot loper .

We had a great visit today from Nikola .

Nicola purchased Marylou in utero .

I think they will make a great team .

Thank you for the great afternoon and the good wine.

Welcome Roxanne 

Born May 2 , 2019 

Sire : The Rock

Dam : Aint sister hot 

This amazing filly is one of the last offspring of THE ROCK .

Jaylynn is SOLD

She will move to Germany to Janine and Bernd .


We are working with the foals . ( foal ABC) 

leading , trailer , flyspray , flymask , farrier , brushing  all done without issues .

Jaylynn & Marylou are very easy to handle and a joy to have in the barn .

Breeding season 2019 has already started for us .

The first 2 foals are have been born , just 2 to go .

The first mare has been bred .

This season we will breed all our mares again .




Some quick pictures i took from Jaylynn .

Jaylynn is doing very well and growing very well .

She has a very funny personality and a joy to have in the barn .

We started My red temptation with some light work and he is doing very well .

we hope to take him to show this season :) and get some  experience in halter.

My red temptation 

Just a quick  picture i took today 05-03-2019

Viper is a yearling colt by Vs code red & Impulse can doo 

Nicole Eggenschwiler had an amazing show in Oktober 2018

Her first time on the Q18 was a big succes .

Nicole purchased Mila as a weanling and she still loves her girl to the moon and back .

 Sheza hot impulse is by One hot krymsun x Impulse can doo .

Marylou , born March 1st  2019

Sire : The Rock 

Dam : One hot Celebrity 

This amazing girl is sold .


This girl is one of the last baby`s of  THE ROCK  .


Jaylynn , born February 20  2019 

Sire : Vs code red

Dam : Marlanas hot loper 




The first 2 girls are making lots of progress .

Marlanas hot loper (Missme) feels extremly pregnant ( poor girl) 

One hot celebrity ( Puck)  is still full of energy .

Puck is due feb from the Rock and Missme is due March from Vs code red .





4 times first place open halter yearling geldings .

4 times first place amateur yearling geldings .

Futurity winner yearling geldings .



Q18 moments

West futurity 2018 with Marlanas hot loper & Originally hot 

Little update on Viper ,

He is almost in his new coat ( only his tail needs to get the correct colour ) .

Viper is doing very well and he is almost 4 months old , at the age of 5 month we will wean him and Pick his new buddy GUUS  up in November .

West futurity 2018


2 times first place open yearling geldings .

First place and second place in amateur halter  yearling geldings ( first point earned ).

Futurity winner yearling geldings halter. .



First and second place in amateur halter aged mares.

First and second place in open halter aged mares .

Pleasure futurity 4th place .

Amateur pleasure 4th and 6th place .


Viper is doing very well , he is growing so fast and becomes more and more pretty .

We have decided not to bring him to Aachen ( Q18) because he is still so young.

Next year we will bring him for sure .

August 26, 2018

After a few months of boarding at our place it was time for Vegas to go home with David and Chrissy .

Vegas walked into the trailer like a pro .

She arrived safe at her new barn and David and Chrissy are just crazy about their girl .

Im very happy Vegas found such a loving home .

Viper today , he is showing his true colour

I just love chestnut.

He is growing very well and his movements are amazing 

We will be at the West futurity this year with Missme and Phoenix .

Phoenix will be shown in halter .

Missme will be shown in halter and western pleasure .

The AQHA registration is complete .

Viper his aqha name is MY RED TEMPTATION  registration number 5880949.

Also we have the 5 paneltest results back  Viper is negative on all !! So 5 paneltest negative .


Our last mare Impulse can doo is standing at the Graafschapdierenartsen 

She is getting ready to be bred to JUSTA TAD RAD .

Fingers crossed for a healthy 2019 foal .


Update :

Candy has been bred on June 28 . We will go back to the Vet for the first scan on July 13. 

On the first scan we could see Candy was into foal but the vet said it was very small so fingers crossed the second scan will also be oke ;) .


Sunday July 29 we go back for the second scan .

Candy her second scan was good!!!! i cannot wait to meet her Tad foal in May 2019 .

Im working 5 /6 day`s a week  with Missme and we are making progress.

Im planning to take her to a clinic soon  .

i just need to find the right one .


Viper at 5 day`s old

Born may 27 , 2018

Chestnut colt by VS CODE RED x IMPULSE CAN DOO 

Barn name : VIPER 

Hazel 5 day`s old .

This  cheeky girl is doing very well .

She loves testing her legs and she is exploring the world .


Welcome HAZEL 

AQHA filly born May 8 , 2018



We have a new girl in the barn !!


A bay AQHA / APHA mare 

5 paneltest NEGATIVE 

Into foal to BORN TO BE BLAZING 

Sis is stutbuch 1 stute 

Spring is here !!! 

We started the young horses with some inhand trail .

Breeding season has started for us and the first mare is in foal 


SHEZA HOT IMPULSE was shown in Kreuth at the Bavarian spring show in amateur halter 3 year and older mares  by her owner Nicole .

They did a great job and got  a second place in a very tuff class .

Keep up the good work .





Vegas will move to Germany in summer but will stay for a few months at our barn to enjoy playing and growing with her brother Phoenix .


On the road to the vet with our Baby`s .

Both walked on the trailer like pro`s .

Vegas  and Phoenix got their first vaccination and we will drive back in 4 weeks for the second one.

The vet asked us if we wanted to weigh our baby`s and we did.

Vegas is 295 kg and Phoenix 274 kg at this time .